General Improvements

  • Fixed a bug that would cause Andi popovers in an opportunity to never close
  • Fixed a bug where the Fees dialog in an opportunity would not close when clicking on certain Andi tags
  • Fixed a bug where Andi field tags in an opportunity couldn't be dismissed if the field was entered while Andi was still thinking
  • Added new TemplatePowers for rendering the handlebar html template, which allows handlebar templates to be handled anywhere in a skill


Andi Skills Manager

  • Fixed a bug that caused display issues for the title for the Audience configuration modal and caused the number of skills enabled for an Audience to be formatted incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect date formatting in the Debug Log
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the "Copy Config From..." button visible when configuring an audience on the Skill Details page would stay in the spinning state and prevent the user from exiting the modal
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