Introducing Custom Support With Andi Chat

We're excited to announce that Andi now allows you to configure her chat responses, enabling you to implement your own training materials or bank-specific language, customize which of Andi's default responses your users see, and give you the flexibility to make sure your users have the right information at the right time using language that resonates.


Andi's new Chat module is visible under the Configure tab in the Andi Skills Manager, and has five sections:


The Test & Metrics page shows you analytics on engagement, outcomes, and user feedback. It also lets you test what responses Andi will show your users based on what words they enter into Andi, and you can disable any default Andi responses that aren't applicable to your users. 


The Custom Responses page allows you to add custom responses using language that's relevant for your users. You can customize both what words your users enter into Andi chat to receive the configured response, and Andi's responses. You can also configure URLs for Andi to include in her responses.


The Message Overrides page allows you to override messaging for the default About Andi response and the Support response. You can also choose whether you'd like the PrecisionLender Support team to be contacted, or to send an email to an internal contact at your bank if your users need help.


The Disabled Responses page displays any Andi messages disabled in Test & Metrics and allows you to restore them.


The Language Settings page allows you to configure which languages for Andi chat to support. Once you add a language here, it will appear as an option in the other sections to configure text and custom responses by.


For more information about Custom Support with Andi chat, visit The Andi® Chat Tab.

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