Andi® Blueprints are an easy, no-code way to build custom skills to execute on pricing strategy and empower teams. The biggest barrier to entry is your own creativity. Once you have an idea of the problem to solve, building a skill from a blueprint is simple and intuitive. Ideas on what to build can come from a variety of sources; feedback channels, pain points experienced by RMs, resources to communicate, targeted training, leadership, changes in the banking industry, and beyond.

There are three blueprints available to build custom skills from depending on the most effective way to solution the problem at hand.

  1. Alerts & Notifications – Provides targeted messages through PrecisionLender fields and/or the Andi summary window based on conditions or attributes of the deal.
  2. Scheduled Emails – Schedules emails with formatted content based on attributes of opportunities.
  3. Forms – Captures additional data within a form for enhanced analytics.
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