Any skills created from a blueprint can be found within the Configure tab of the Andi Skills Manager. Clicking on the skill will bring you to the skill page where you can update, enable/disable, or delete the skill. When a skill is created or modified, it is automatically enabled for the ‘Testing’ audience with the latest version. Ensure you are added to the ‘Testing’ audience within the ‘Admin’ tab to properly test in PrecisionLender.

  • Modify: The modify button will allow you to change or update any aspect of the skill created and will create a new version of the skill when built.
  • Clone: The clone button will use the configurations set within this skill to create a new skill where you don’t have to start from scratch to make slight changes for another skill.
  • Delete: The delete button will delete the entire skill created from the blueprint.

Audience Groups will allow you to enable and configure audiences for the skill. By default, the ‘Testing’ audience will display and be enabled as well as ‘Everyone’ but disabled. Use the ‘+Add’ to add another audience to the skill.

  • Priority: If users are in multiple audiences configured for the skill, the configurations in the highest ranked audience will be shown for that user. Move audiences around by dragging and dropping with the icon displayed to the left. This is to ensure users don’t receive multiple messages per skill.
  • Audiences: Select a single audience or multiple audiences using the dropdown that will use the same configurations for the skill. Configure audiences within the ‘Admin’ tab in the ‘Audiences’ subsection.
  • Enabled: The slider indicates whether the skill is enabled for a certain audience. The checkmark indicates enabled while the ‘x’ indicates it is disabled.
  • Version: The latest version will be auto-selected for the testing audience but the dropdown will allow you to choose various versions created.
  • Actions: The pencil icon will allow you to make certain changes to values per audience group. The trash can icon will delete that audience from the skill.
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