The domain whitelist configuration in Andi Skills Manager allows you to apply HTTP restrictions to all skills enabled for your organization. The configuration is optional but will help if you have increased security needs. This article will cover adding and editing domains.


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Adding and Editing Domains


On the Admin page, select the Global Skill Config tab and select Domain Whitelist in the left hand panel.

To add a new domain restriction, select Add Domain.
In the pop-up window, provide a valid domain in the text field and select Save. Note: Wildcard domains are supported.
After you add the domain, the restriction takes effect immediately.
In the example above, skills will be restricted to calling mybankdomain.com and its valid subdomains, such as api.mybankdomain.com, api2.mybankdomain.com, www.mybankdomain.com.


Restrictions with No Configurations

If you do not have any domains configured, skills will run without any domain restrictions. Be sure to carefully consider any adjustments and how they might impact your current skills before making changes.

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