New Features: Andi Skills Manager

  • We've added the ability to set up Audiences, which allow skills to target specific user groups. Audiences can be based on usernames or regions. Once an audience has been created, it can be used in any skill a client has installed. 
  • We've updated the Skill setup and separated the skill management page into multiple elements to make it easier to use and navigate, including pages for audience setup, audience workflow, an audience overview page, and an audience detail page. As part of this change, we've added a new setup flow to walk you through configuring a skill step by step.
  • We've created a new dashboard within the skills manager to make it easier to measure skills' performance and utilization based on audience, skill, outcome, and engagement type.
  • We've revamped our top level navigation to the following:
    • "Gallery" has not been changed and still allows you to find and install new skills
    • "Manager" is now "Configure", and allows you to configure, enable, and maintain installed skills
    • "Builder" is now "Build", and contains the skill builder and supporting materials
    • "Analyze" is a new feature that includes skill telemetry and the Andi chat feed
    • "Admin" has not changed



Improvements: Andi Skills Builder

  • The following loan fields can now be targeted by Andi field tags:
    • Payment Type
    • Rate Type
    • Origination/Service Channel
    • Risk Rating
    • Facility Rating
    • Funding Source
    • Interest Options
  • We've added maximum and minimum window sizes to Andify so that additional content can be displayed in a larger window
  • Updated PL API v2 powers to support new parameters
  • The Skills Editor now supports Typescript 3.7.5 
  • We now allow installation of skills to an organization without selecting an audience
  • Added the ability to individually add and remove audiences for skills



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where table headers and skill descriptions didn't wrap correctly
  • Fixed an error where, when a user was prompted to log out or keep working, was sometimes logged out even if they selected "Keep Working"
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