General Improvements

  • Fixed a bug that caused some clients to only seeing errors in skill analytics, and not normal executions, so error total in the Analyze tab always showed 100%
  • Notes, captured on the notes tab, can now be updated through onLoad actions in Andi Tags via the setPropertyOnOpportunity Context Command


Andi Skills Manager

  • Clients with the Premium Treasury module can now see their Treasury products reflected in the Delivery to Promise - Deposits and Delivery to Promise - ROE skills
  • Fixed a bug where Market Insights skills prevented users from setting up those skills without having Skill Config Groups
  • Added improvements to the Escalation Approval skill
  • The fields on the Guarantees dialog (Guarantee Name, Guarantee Counterparty, Guarantee Counterparty Country) can now be used as conditions for blueprint skills.
  • Removed an indicator on the Guarantee dialog when there are no field tags
  • Renamed fields on the Guarantee dialog to guaranteeCounterparty and guaranteeCounterpartyCountry
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