Meet Andi®

Andi® is your intelligent virtual insights analyst and coach. She augments your strengths with the latest technology and data. She works with people like you, observing their actions, gathering day, and delivering hyper-focused recommendations for tactics they can use. The goal of Andi® is to deliver the right information to the right person at the right time so they can use better insights to make better decisions. Delivery occurs at the moment of truth when the deal is being structured, priced and negotiated.

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What are machine learning and artificial intelligence?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence, which are also commonly called augmented intelligence and AI, refer to technology that uses data to make recommendations or anticipate actions. Andi® will use machine learning to leverage the vast amounts of data that flow through applications you use to give you actionable, valuable information to help you be better at your job.


What is an Andi® Skill?

Andi® Skills use intelligence and conversational technology. She sees a lot of data every day. She's constantly looking for patterns and ways to make you better. The insights that she delivers to you is what we call an "Andi® skill."

On a more technical level, it's a set of behaviors which run in response to events or queries. Learn more about how a developer would create a skill of their own.


How can I write an Andi® Skill?

Interested in writing your own skills? Great! Once your organization and account is set up, you'll start by exploring the Andi® Skills Builder, which allows you to view available skill templates and write your own skills.


Why build a skill?

There's a lot of data out there. You may have fallen victim to report fatigue in the past, but through an Andi® Skill you can pull out the important details, and translate those into actionable insights without receiving another report again (unless you really want to see them!).

You may want to weaponize your organization's intelligence. Use an Andi® skill to deliver product updates and market intelligence in real-time to individual Relationship Managers as they are pricing a new or existing opportunity.

You may want to personalize product training. Use an Andi® skill to deliver product based coaching as individual Relations Managers start using the new product.

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