Logging in to your Andi® Skills Manager


This article covers how to log in to your Andi® Skills Manager.


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SSO Login

Logging in to the Skills Manager is achieved using single-sign on (SSO).

  • If your organization has elected to use their own SSO identity provider, you will access the Skills Manager through that portal.
  • If your organization does not have an SSO identity provider, PrecisionLender will act as the SSO provider (You will need a PrecisionLender account set up with the same email address as your Andi® account. If you do not have one, this can be created by an administrator at your organization.).


Logging in with PrecisionLender

  • Navigate to your PrecisionLender login screen.
  • Once you are logged into your PrecisionLender application, you may redirect to your Andi® Skills Manager by editing or copying your PrecisionLender URL and replacing the text after “.com” with "/andi".

Shows the PrecisionLender URL being highlighted to make edits

Shows the PrecisionLender URL updated with /andi


  • Then hit Enter on your keyboard to navigate to your Andi® Skills Manager dashboard.


Logging in from Visual Studio Code IDE

Only applicable to clients with the Builder. 

  • In Visual Studio Code IDE, select Andi® Skills Manager.

Shows the Andi Skills Manager link in the IDE

  • If you are already “Signed in to Andi®” or already signed in to the Andi® Skills Manager in your browser, then this will take you to your dashboard.
  • If you are not already “Signed in to Andi®”, then you will need to log in via PrecisionLender. Once logged in, selecting Andi® Skills Manager will take you to the Skills Manager.
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