The Andi Configure page allows you to manage skills and users for your organization. This article will show you how to navigate this screen.


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Menu Bar

shows menu bar


The menu bar allows you to navigate to other areas of the Skills Manager.

This will take you to the Andi® Gallery, where you can install skills to your organization.
This is the Configure Skills Dashboard page that you see when you first log in to the Skills Manager. If you navigate away from the dashboard, you can select ‘Configure’ to return to it.
This will take you to the Resources and Downloads area of the Skills Manager where you can find developer documentation and other resources.


This tab will only be available if you have the skill writing package.

This takes you to a dashboard where you can view skill utilization and performance based on audience, skill, outcome, and engagement type.
This takes administrators to the Administration area where they can manage user roles and permissions for the Andi® Skills Manager, as well as Everyone and Development audiences.


This tab will only be available if you have an administrative permission.

Andi® Support Andi_support.png
Selecting this icon will take you to the Andi® Support Site, where you can view articles on building and managing your skills or put in a ticket if you need help.
Log Out log_out.png
Selecting this icon will log you out of the Andi® Skills Manager. This does not impact your Andi® login


Skills Tab

The Skills Tab is the default view when you log into the Skills Manager and shows the Andi® Skills that have been deployed to your organization. This includes both skills created by your organization that you own and skills made available to your organization but created by another organization who owns the skill, such as PrecisionLender.

shows skill screen



The Audience dropdown is used to filter skills on the dashboard based on their availability for that particular audience. Information shown on the skill tile is based on the selected audience.

shows audience section


View Mode

The Card View tab allows you to view skills in a card format. To view the skill details page, select the appropriate card.

The Table View tab allows you to view skills in a list format. To view the skill details page, click on the skill Name.

Card View Table View


Skills Section

By default, each skill will be displayed in alphabetical order by skill name. On each skill tile, you can see whether or not the skill is enabled (including the date if enabled) in the selected audience, and the skill's description for your users. In addition to the text:

  • A shaded skill tile indicates that a skill is disabled.

    Shows the disabled skill tile with grey background

  • An unshaded skill tile indicates that a skill is enabled.

    Shows the enabled skill tile. White background with option to view and edit at the bottom


The icon in the bottom right corner of each tile represents the organization who owns the skill. An icon will only appear if one has been uploaded by the organization.

Shows a skill tile with the Andi icon


To see detailed information about a skill, select it to view its skill page.


Searching, Sorting, and Filtering Skills


Searching Skills
You can search for skills that have been deployed to your organization using the Search bar.
Sorting Skills
(Only visible in Card View). Using the Sort By dropdown, you can sort the skills on your dashboard based on the skill name or if the skill is enabled.
Filtering Skills
Using the Filters checkboxes, you can sort the skills on your dashboard based on the following options:
  • Whether the skill is enabled or disabled.
  • The Outcome or tag that is associated with the skill. For each Outcome you select, you will see an orange tag on the skill card the tag applies to.
  • The available languages for the skill will display in the Language dropdown.
Your selected dashboard filters will remain in place throughout the duration of your login session in the Manager as you navigate between other screens and the dashboard.
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