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Signing in to Andi® authenticates your credentials and connects your IDE to the Andi® Builder so that you can deploy your skills and manage them in the Andi® Skills Manager. Although you can write your skills without being signed in to the platform, you must be signed in to deploy your skills. This article shows you how to sign in to Andi® from your Andi® Skills Kit in the IDE.


Sign in to Andi®

In the bottom left corner of the IDE, select Sign in to Andi®.

Shows selecting Sign in to Andi in the IDE 

After you select, Sign in to Andi®, the link will change to Checking Connection and then to Asking for Consent.

Shows the checking connection consent in the IDE

Shows the asking for consent message in the IDE

A popup message in bottom right corner of your screen will appear to confirm the login for the displayed device code. Select Log In. If you need to cancel your login attempt, select Cancel.

Shows the login consent with the device code in the IDE 

If you need to cancel after you select Login, you can also select 'Logging in. Click to Cancel' in the bottom left corner of the IDE to cancel your attempt.

Shows cancelling the login attempt in the IDE

When you select Log In, you will be directed to your web browser to Sign in and enter your Andi® login credentials, which are the same credentials you use for your Andi® Skills Manager. If you were already signed into the Skill Manager, you won’t need to enter your credentials.

Shows the Andi login screen in the browser 

After you sign in, or if you were already signed into your Andi® Skills Manager, you will be asked to verify and confirm the device code that you see on the page is the same as the device code that appears in your IDE. Select CONFIRM to authenticate.

Shows confirm being selected in the browser after verifying the device code

Once the device has been authenticated, the Device Consent confirmation message will appear and you can close the window. If you select CONFIRM and the device codes do not match, your login attempt will fail, and you’ll need to try again.

Shows that the device has been confirmed

Once confirmed,when you return to the IDE, the Sign in will have updated to Sign Out, and your username and Organization will show in the taskbar.

Shows the IDE updated to sign in and the username and organization in the taskbar

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