• A new version of the Andi® Skills Kit Extension, 1.0.45, is available for download from the Andi® Skills Manager. In this version:
    • You will now be able to cancel an attempt to Sign in to Andi® from the Visual Studio Code IDE. Previously, if you wanted to cancel sign in, your sign in attempt would continue to loop and you'd have to close the Visual Studio Code IDE to cancel.
    • Skill templates have been updated to remove the initialize.ts file. This file was not called by Andi®, and has been removed from the template. This will not impact previously written skill files. 
    • For steps on how to download the latest skill skit, see Setting up you Andi® Skill Kit Development Environment.


Bug Fixes

  • This version of the skills kit also fixed an issue where the device code would not appear in the browser when signing in to Andi®
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