You can view information about, upload files, or update configurations for a skill on its skill page. This article will go over how to navigate the skill page in the Andi® Skills Manager.


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The Skill Page

How to Get to the Skill Page

On the Manage Skills Dashboard, select the desired skill card to get to the Skill page. The skill page consists of two tabs: Edit and History. The page will default to the Edit tab. The skill name will be visible on both the Edit and History tab.

Edit Tab

Shows the skill page in the Manager

General Information

The top of the Edit tab will provide the following information about the skill:

  • Skill Writer's Name and Organization
  • Skill Description - This description is the same as the description entered in the Skill Manifest.
  • Language - This lists the available languages for the skill, which are defined in the Skill Manifest.
  • Delete Skill - For organizations writing their own skills, this allows you the ability to delete a skill if you have the 'Delete Skill Packages' permission and your organization owns the skill. If either criteria is not met, this button will not appear. After selecting Delete Skill, a window will appear asking to confirm the deletion.

Shows the window that appears asking to confirm deletion of the skill.



Shows the metrics section of the skill page

The metrics section allows you to view telemetry data for your skill's performance. See Skill Metrics for more information.


Shows the status section of the skill page

The Status section is where you will manage enabling and disabling your skill in your various workgroups. This is also where you'll update skill configuration values if applicable to your skill.

To edit the status of your skill, select the Workgroup you would like to make changes to.

Shows a workgroup being selected

To enable or disable your skill, use the Enabled/Version dropdown to either disable your skill or select the skill version you'd like to enable.

  • The skill version(s) available for the production workgroup will be determined based on whether the skill has been marked as ready for production.
  • Disabled/Same as Production (for Testing and Development Workgroups):

    • If a skill is enabled in the production workgroup, it is available to all application users regardless of assigned workgroup. If the skill is disabled in the development or testing workgroup, then users assigned to those workgroups will see the same version of the skill that is in production.

Shows the selection of a skill version from the dropdown

Select Save to complete your update or Cancel if you decide to either not make the update or need to make a change prior to saving.


Shows the storage section of the skill page

The Storage section is where you can upload, delete, or download files that are used for semi-static skills. File data must be UTF-8 encoded. There is a file size limit of 100 MB.

  • The Files table will always be available regardless of if needed for the skill.
    • Uploaded files will default to alphabetically sort by name. When uploading files, you have the ability to upload any file type, however we recommend using CSV or JSON files to utilize the built-in Andi® capabilities. Note: File names are treated as strings
    • The Files table will paginate when more than 20 files have been uploaded. Each subsequent page will contain a maximum of 20 files. Any file uploaded after the 20th file will add to the end of the current page you are on. You will need to refresh the skill page in order for the pagination to take effect.
  • The Data Sets table will only appear if defined in the skill code.

Mark Versions Ready for Production

Shows the mark versions ready for production table

This section will only appear if the user has the Mark Skills Ready for Production permission and allows you to indicate which skill versions are ready to be enabled for users of the application.

To indicate a skill as ready for production, select No for the skill version number. A window will  appear for you to indicate 'yes' or 'no' to enable the skill as ready for production.

Shows the window that appears when marking a skill as ready for production

Shows the versions marked as ready table with marked skill versions

If you need to unmark a skill as 'Ready for Production', select Yes for the skill version number. In the window, select No and click Save. Selecting No will disable and remove the skill version from any production workgroups.

Shows a skill as being unmarked ready for production

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Skill History Tab

Shows the history tab of the skill page.

The History tab shows the history of skill events such as skill versions being deployed, enabled and disabled in a workgroup, and deleted. It will also show any errors that occur that prevent the skill from running.

Using the Workgroup dropdown, you can filter the skill history based on the workgroup (development, testing, production). This filter does not apply to skill errors.

Shows the workgroup dropdown on the skill page

Using the checkboxes, you can also filter the skill history based on the skill event types.

Shows the available event type filters on the skill page

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How to return to the dashboard

To return to the Manage Skills dashboard after viewing or making changes on the skill page, select Back to Skills at the top of the skill page.

Shows where to select back to skills

You can also select Manage from the menu bar at the top of the page.

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