Skill configuration keys allow for the ability to adjust values that affect how a skill behaves without having to rewrite skill code. The keys are defined as part of the skill’s code, but their values are managed in the Andi® Skills Manager. In this article, we’ll go over how to input and update skill configuration values after the skill has been deployed.


How to input and update Skill Config values

Locate the skill you need to input or update skill configuration values for on the Configure Skills Dashboard, and then select it to go to the skill page.

In the Audiences section, select the pencil icon next to the Audience to modify configurations. 

Skill configuration values will be retained upon new skill deployments as long as the skill code for those configurations hasn't changed.

Some helpful reminders:

  • Numerical values do not need to be entered with quotation marks unless intended to be a string.
  • Numerical values can be entered as whole numbers or decimals.
  • When entering comma separated values, a space after the comma isn't required.
  • Depending on the skill code, there may or may not be case sensitivity. Check with the skill writer to confirm. (Case insensitivity is preferred.)
  • Product, region, ratings, etc. need to match how they're named in PrecisionLender and contain no misspellings.
  • When entering text into a field that only allows numbers or vice versa, an error will display.
  • If the multi-select option is configured, you can select more than one item by holding down the 'Ctrl' key for PC or the 'Command' key for Mac, and then clicking on the other items you want to select.
    • You can also click on an item in the list, and then drag your mouse to select multiple items.
  • Dates are not manually entered, but are selected from a date picker.

After you input your values, select Save.

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