Data Sets is a type of skill setting that allows skill managers the ability to upload large data files to a temporary data storage area, which will allow for faster querying when running a semi-static skill. The file settings are defined as part of the skill’s code, but the data file itself is managed in the Andi® Skills Manager. In this article, we’ll go over how to upload and manage data set files after the skill has been deployed.


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The Data Sets Table


The Data Sets table on the skill page will only appear in the Storage section if Data Sets have been properly defined in the skillManifest.

  • The Name and Description columns will match what was defined in the skillManifest.
  • The Contents column will indicate whether a data file has been uploaded.
    • If data has not been uploaded, the cell will state “no data uploaded”
    • If data has been uploaded, the cell will indicate the number of rows of data uploaded
  • The Status column will indicate the upload status of the file:
    • Processing – the file is in the process of being stored in the database
    • Processed – the file and all contents have been successfully uploaded to the database
    • Processed (View Errors) – the file and its contents have not been uploaded to the database because the content does not match the expected format as indicated in the skillManifest.
    • Deleting – the uploaded data is in the process of being removed from the data.
    • Deleted – previously uploaded data has been successfully removed from the database.
  • The Last Modified column indicates the date the Data Set was last modified. This includes any uploads and deletions.
  • The Replace Data column is where you will upload the initial data file and any subsequent file updates

Uploading Data Set Files

File data must be UTF-8 encoded. Additionally, data sets are currently limited to 2 MB of data per row and a total data set size of 100 MB.

Shows the pop up that appears after selecting upload in the replace data column.

After locating the desired Data Set name in the table, in the Replace Data column:

  • Select Upload.
  • Select Choose File to search for the file to add or drag and drop the file from an already open folder to the upload pop-up.
    • Select the x next to the file name and then either select Choose File or drag and drop the correct file.
    • Select Choose File or drag and drop the correct file.
    • Select Cancel.
    • If you accidentally select the wrong file, you can choose from one of the following options to select the correct file:
  • Once you’ve selected your file, select Save to start the upload process, and then select the x in the top right-hand corner of the pop-up to close it.
  • Check the status of your upload in the Status column.
    • If your upload contains errors, select View Errors to identify the cause. You also have the option to upload a new data file in this window using the same steps as above or uploading via Replace Data.

Managing Data Set Files

Shows the pop up that appears when you select the file name so that you can download or clear the file, as well as see the fields the file should contain.

Selecting the Data Set File Name in the table provides the following to help manage your Data Set:

  • Download
    • This allows you the ability to download a copy of the csv file that was uploaded and is currently being queried by your skill.
  • Clear
    • This will delete the uploaded data from the database. This will reflect in the Status column of the table.
  • Fields
    • This shows the name, data type, and description of the file fields as defined in the skillManifest, which also lets you know the expected formatting of the column names and data in the file. This will be visible whether or not a file has been uploaded.
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