Administrative Updates

  • We've renamed the Roles tab to the Security Profile tab and updated available user permissions to allow administrators the ability to add or edit security profiles.

    • A user's ability to manage skills, users, workgroups, and organization is determined by the permissions in their security profile.

    • Default security profiles have been added for the most common user role cases. 

    • For more information about security profiles and user permissions, see Security Profiles and Permissions.

    • For more information on how to assign a security profile to a user, see Managing Users

  • We've also improved the look of the Users tab. Changes include:

    • Added the ability to search for a user by name or email address

    • Added the ability to filter users based on security profile

    • Added the ability to sort by column


  • The Skill Page in the Andi® Skills Manager (Beta) has a new and improved look to help make it easier to manage your skills. Changes include:

    • Separated the skill page into two tabs: Edit and History

    • Added the ability to filter a skill's deployment history based on event type and workgroup

    • Updated the Data Sets table for a consistent look with the Storage section
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