Users with the Manage Users permission will be able to add or modify users in the Andi® Skills Manager. This article will go over how to add and modify users.


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Navigating the Users List

  • To look up a specific user, type their name or email address in the search field, and then click on the magnifying glass icon. If you do not know the users full name or email address, you can enter part of their name or email instead.
  • To look up a user by their Security Profile, select the appropriate profile from the drop down menu. This will automatically refresh the users list.
  • You can also sort the users list alphabetically by clicking on the arrows next to the column names.

Adding a New User

To add a new user for your organization:

  • On the Admin page in the Users tab, select Add New User.


  • Enter the user's First Name and Last Name.
  • Enter the user's Email address. This is also the Username when accessing the skills manager. The email address used in the skills manager must also match what is used in PrecisionLender to ensure a successful SSO login into the application.
  • Select the user's Security Profile from the dropdown.
  • Select Save when complete. If you would like to send a welcome email to the user, select Save and Send Email. This will send the new user an email with login instructions.


Managing an Existing User

On the Admin page in the Users tab, select the user you would like to edit.

Make User Edits

  • If modifying the user's Name or Security Profile, make the desired changes, and then select Save.

Deactivate a User

Deactivating a user will prevent any future access by that user unless their account is reactivated. For security reasons, a user cannot be deleted.

To deactivate an existing user:

  • After selecting the user, un-check the box next to Is Active, and then select Save.


  • The Inactive Column will indicate Yes for the user.


Reactivate a User

To reactivate a user:

  • On the Admin page in the Users tab, select the user you would like to reactivate.
  • Check the box next to Is Active and make any needed changes to the edit page.


  • Select Save to finish reactivating the user's account.
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