The Admin page is where you can add and manage various items in your organization. This includes user roles, permissions for the Andi® Skills Manager, and Testing and Everyone audiences. This article will provide an overview of each tab in the Admin section.

You can access the Admin section from any page if you have the appropriate permission(s).


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The General tab allows you to upload an icon and files that are available to skills for your organization.


The image uploaded for an icon will appear on the skill tile on the Manage Skills Dashboard and on field tags that display in the Andi Window.

To Upload an Icon

  • Click on the Choose File button.
  • Select the image from your computer.
    • Note: The image must be an SVG file


Files uploaded in General will be uploaded to storage in the database and can be accessed in a skill using the storage powers.

To Upload a File

  • Click on the Upload File button.
  • Select Choose File to select a file or drag and drop a file form a folder
  • Then select Save

To Delete a File

  • Click the Delete button on the row of the file you want to delete.
  • In the pop-up window that appears, select Delete to confirm deletion or Cancel if you don't want to delete the file.


Global Skill Config


The Global Skill Config section allows you to securely store confidential values such as API keys, credentials, and URLs. This tab is only visible if you have the Manage Organization permission. Learn more managing secure keys here. You can also whitelist specific domains so that skills are restricted to these domains only.




The Users tab allows you to add new users to the Andi® Skills Manager as well as manage existing users. This tab is only visible if you have the appropriate permission. Learn more about adding and managing your users here.


Security Profiles


The Security Profiles tab allows you to add new user roles in your organization, as well as manage existing ones. Security Profiles define what permissions a user will have, such as the ability to manage skills or users. This tab is only visible if you have the appropriate permission. Learn more about adding and editing security roles here.




The Audiences tab allows you to manage and create groups of users that a particular skill will run for. This tab is only visible if you have the appropriate permission


API Keys


The API Keys tab allows you to generate an authorization key that allows users with that key to access the Andi API. This tab is only visible if you have the Manage API Keys permission. Learn more about API keys here.


Application Lookups


The Application Lookups tab allows you to easily access custom types in your Andi skills. Learn more about application lookups here.

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