For clients with the skill writing package, the Builder page in the Andi® Skills Manager is where you will download the Andi® Skills Kit and view resources and documentation to assist you as you're working in the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Once your IDE is set up, use the resources found on the Builder page to guide you through skill writing. This article will briefly cover the Resources and Downloads tabs located in this section. 


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This shows the resources tab in the Builder


Integrated Development Environment Setup (VSCode)

This section allows you to view different support articles that will guide you through using the IDE.

  • Setting up your Andi® Skill Skit (ASK) Development Environment - Takes you to an article that covers setting up your Andi® Skills Kit Dev Environment.
  • Get Token - Allows you to download the token you will need in order to use the Andi® Skills Kit Extension file.
  • Writing Your Skills - Takes you to the Andi® Support Site where you can view articles about skill writing basics, templates, and deploying your skills.
  • Andi® Glossary - Takes you to a list of terms and concepts for writing and managing Andi® skills.

Developer Documentation

This section contains links to documentation for the Andi® Skills Library and Andi® Powers. You can also look up and view Applications within your bank by selecting View Application Lookups.



This shows the downloads tab in the Builder

The Downloads tab allows you to download the latest version of the Andi® Skills Kit.

  • Click on the Download Latest Version button to download the most up-to-date version of the Skills Kit.
  • Select View Latest Release Notes to view the most current release notes for Andi®. You can also view older release notes from this page.
  • Click on the plus icon next to Previous Versions to view earlier versions of the Andi® Skills Kit.


Skills in Development

This shows the skills in development tab in the Builder

The Skills in Development tab allows you to view the list of skills that have been written and deployed by your organization to help developers and testers have better visibility into their skills. The skill information displays in tabular form with the following:

  • Name - skill name
  • Author - name of the writer who deployed the skill
  • Latest Version - the latest skill version that was deployed
  • Upload Date - the timestamp of when the skill was last deployed
  • In Production - the skill version that is currently enabled in production
  • Last Error in Production - the timestamp of the last skill error to occur for a skill version enabled in production; if another skill version has been deployed since the error, the error timestamp will still remain. To see errors for a skill, view the skill's page in the Manager. 

You can sort each column alphabetically by clicking on the column name. You can also search for skills via the search bar or filtering by skill author. 

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