When viewing errors under the Errors tab on the skill page you will see information about any skill errors that occurred when the skill tried to run. This article covers the common errors that you may encounter.


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When Does a Skill Error Occur?


A skill error occurs when there is an error, typically in the skill code, that prevents the skill from running. A message will appear in the error log describing the type of error (Error Preview), along with the skill version in which the error occurred. The most recent 20 errors will be displayed. To view the message, click on the system error log you would like to view.


Types of Skill Errors

The following are some types of errors you may see that can be corrected in your skill code:

  • A property is undefined or has an undefined value
    • Error: Unknown Amortized Fee Method undefined
    • Error: Cannot read property 'feesAnnualDollars' of undefined
  • A property has a null value
    • Error: Cannot read property 'opportunityStageNameList' of null
  • A property has no initial value
    • Error: Reduce empty array with no initial value
  • A property has been defined as a function that is not a function
    • Error: skillContext.powers.andi.chat.addArticle is not a function
  • An error occurred when trying to send an email
    • Error: testing email errors
  • The error message field has been left blank
    • Error: 

Additional types of errors include:

  • Notification that the skill is taking too long to run or has timed out
    • Error: Skill timed out (10000 ms)
      • This could be due to lengthy shouldIRun skill code or a shouldIRun that calls out to another web service that is taking too long to respond
    • Error: Skill died due to worker shutdown
  • Non-skill related errors
    • Error: Skill failed to run due to internal system error
  • Notification that you're using an unsupported property
    • Error: setImmediate is not a function
  • Errors that skill writers are logging as part of testing or skill performance


If you encounter an error for a skill and are unsure how to solve it or for a skill installed from the Gallery, please contact us at support@andi.com.

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