• We've added the ability to view conversations your organization's PrecisionLender users have with Andi® while pricing their opportunities! The Andi® Feed tab on the Manage Skills Dashboard will help provide insights into whether existing skills should be updated, new skills should be added, user engagement with Andi, and user's knowledge of pricing in PrecisionLender, to name a few. To view the Andi Feed, you must have the 'Access Chat Feed Telemetry' permission

  • We've improved the ability for you to delete skills your organization has written from the Skills Manager. Previously, you could only delete a skill if you were the skill owner. Now you can delete any skill for your organization as long as:

    • You have the new 'Delete Skill Packages' permission; AND

    • Your organization owns the skill  


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that reduced the width of the boxes in the workgroup tab.

  • Fixed an issue where dropdown menus weren't consistent among browsers.
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