The Andi® Chat tab on the Analyze Dashboard allows you to view conversations users from your organization have with Andi® in PrecisionLender while pricing an opportunity. Having visibility into what users are asking will help provide insights into whether existing skills should be updated, new skills should be added, user engagement with Andi, and user's knowledge of pricing in PrecisionLender, to name a few. To view the Andi Feed, you must have the 'Access Chat Feed Telemetry' permission. This article will show you how to view those conversations in the Andi® Feed.


The Andi® Feed

shows andi chat screen

Each statement or question (conversation) a PrecisionLender user enters into the Andi® window while pricing their opportunity will display in the feed, starting with the prior day's conversations. Each conversation will contain the following in it's box:

  • The name of your organization
  • The name of the PrecisionLender user
  • The date and time the conversation occurred
  • The conversation entered
  • The intent the conversation mapped to and how it scored on a scale of 0-1, with 1 being the highest score
  • The response Andi® returned
  • The support articles returned
  • The rating the PrecisionLender user provided (if one was) about the response

To load chats from more than just the prior day, select the Load chats link that appears at the bottom of the list of available chats.

To filter chats based on Tenant or Intent, check or uncheck the available options. You will only be able to filter based on conversations that have loaded onto the feed.



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