To write your skill, you'll need to add one of the available skill templates. This article covers how to add a skill in your Andi® Skills Kit.


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Adding Skills

First, right click on the skills folder within the desired application context. A menu will appear.


Then, select the applicable template from the menu.



Renaming Skills

Anytime a new skill is added, it'll be named 'New' followed by the template name. As a best practice to keep your skills organized and easily identifiable, rename your skill as soon as you add it. 

  • To rename your skill, right click on the name of the skill you added and select Rename from the menu.


  • The file name will enter edit mode for you to make your update.


  • After you rename the skill, hit Enter to finish.



Copying Skill Files

In some cases, you may want to create a new skill with code that will vary slightly from an existing skill you have written. In these situations, you'll need to add a new skill and then copy over the code from each file in the folder. Currently, you will not be able to copy an existing skill folder because each skill folder contains its own unique skill package id. When a skill folder is copied (regardless of then being renamed), the skill package id of the original remains with the copy and any changes you make will overwrite the existing skill when the new skill is deployed.


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