The Andi® Gallery allows you to browse and install Andi® skills created by PrecisionLender or a third-party for use by your organization. This article will go over how to navigate the Gallery.

You will need to be logged into the Andi® Skills Manager to access the Gallery.


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Gallery Page

To access the gallery page, select Gallery from the menu bar. The Gallery will only be available to users who have the Install Skills from Gallery permission.

shows andi gallery


The banner at the top of the page displays the skill card of skills that fall into the listed category. You can scroll through the categories by selecting the arrows on the left and right of the banner. The categories are:

  • Top Installed Skills - Past 30 Days (default view)
  • Recently Added Skills


Skills Section

The skills section of the page shows the skills available to you in the Gallery. By default, skills that have not been installed from the Gallery will display, but this view can be adjusted using the filters.

Each skill tile will contain the name of the skill, the date the skill was published, and a description (if available) of the skill.

Some skills may have an icon in the bottom right corner of each tile which represents the organization who owns the skill. An icon will only appear if one has been uploaded by that organization.

To see detailed information about a skill, select the skill to view its skill page.

shows table card view

The Card View tab allows you to view skills in a card format. To view the skill details page, select the appropriate card.

The Table View tab allows you to view skills in a list format. To view the skill details page, click on the skill Name.


Searching, Sorting, and Filtering Skills

Searching Skills

  • You can search for skills that have been published to the Gallery by using the Search bar.

Sorting Skills

  • Using the Sort dropdown, you can sort the skills in the Gallery based on the Date Published, Skill Name, or Most Installed.

Filtering Skills

  • Using the Filters checkboxes, you can filter skills based on the following options:

    • Whether the skill is installed or uninstalled

      • The default filter will show uninstalled Gallery skills

    • The publisher of the skill

    • The available languages for a skill


Gallery Skill Page

Once you select a skill from the Gallery, the skill page will contain the skill name, description (if available), name of the publishing organization, available languages, and published version history.

shows table card view

Installing a Skill

To install a skill, select Install Skill above the Published Versions table. Once installed, you will be able to view the skill in the Andi® Skills Manager and manage it on the skill page. Select the Set up Skill button to be taken directly to the skills details page.

Uninstalling a Skill

To uninstall a skill, select Uninstall Skill above the Published Version History table. Once uninstalled, you will no longer be able to view the skill in the Andi® Skills Manager or it's skill page.

Skill Versions

When the latest skill version is published by the skill owner, that skill version will appear in the Published Version History table. If the skill is installed, the latest version will automatically be available for selection in the audience dropdown on the skill page in the Andi® Skills Manager.

Gallery History Tab

The History tab shows the history of skill events such as skill versions being deployed, enabled and disabled in an audience, and deleted. By default, you will see skill history up to a week ago from the current date. If you want to filter by a different date range, click into the Start Date and End Date fields to change the dates.

In the Action drop down, you can choose how you want to filter the skill history by selecting an option from the list. For example, if you only want the history to show when the skills configurations were updated, select 'Update Skill Config'.

Using the Audience drop down, you can filter the skill history based on the audience (everyone, testing).  

Note: When adjusting filters, be sure to select the Search button to refresh the results.

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