• We've made some big improvements to skill configurations! As part of this change, a new version of the Andi® Skills Kit Extension, 1.0.75, is available for download from the Andi® Skills Manager.

    • In the skillManifest, the skillConfigKeys property has an updated schema that allows for more robust configurations with the new dataTypes key, which introduces date, dropdown (option) and multi-select options for configurable values. For more information, check out Skill Writing - Skill Configuration Keys and make sure to download the newest version of the Skills Kit to utilize this latest improvement.
    • With the new dataTypes, inputs to skill configurations on the skill page will provide additional validation, the ability to select from a dropdown, and select from more than one option for a given skillConfigKey.

  • We've added permissions to API Keys to provide additional authorization measures when using to the Andi API. Users with the 'Manage API Keys' permission can create and permissions to keys.

  • We've improved the design of the skill tiles in the Manager to make it easier to see which skills are enabled or disabled. A view/edit indicator will also appear at the bottom of the skill tile when you hover over the tile.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented field tag skills from displaying in the Andi window if a specific field was not specified.

  • Fixed an issue where field tags were not appearing in Internet Explorer 11.

  • Fixed an issue where the engine powers were not recognizing conversion loans in the commercial loan account object.

  • Fixed an issue so that the skill delete confirmation message references the Manager.
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