• We've renamed the Icon tab of the Admin page to General as part of our latest improvement to make it easier to upload files accessible to your skills. In the General tab, we've added the ability to upload files to the Publisher level of storage in the General section of the Admin page.

  • In the Status section of the skill page, we've added carets to make it easier to tell that the workgroup drawers open.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the GetHelp schema for a new skill said it was missing the "nluIntentScore." As part of this fix, a new version of the Andi® Skills Kit Extension, 1.0.78, is available for download from the Andi® Skills Manager.

  • Fixed an issue where engine powers were not handling conversion loans. 
  • Fixed an issue where SVG icons were not scaling correctly in the General tab, Manager and Gallery.

  • Fixed an issue where Ratings was listed as an available filter option for the Andi® Feed tab when ratings weren't being provided by removing it as a filter option.
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