We've added some new powers and made updates to existing powers to improve your skill writing capabilities! As part of these changes, a new version of the Andi® Skills Kit Extension, 1.0.88, is available for download from the Andi® Skills Manager.

  • We've added the ability to download CSV attachments in response to conversation events using the new fileAttachments and dialogue powers. 
  • You can now access the opportunityResponse, opportunityRelationshipImpactResponse, relationshipSummaryResponse, and RelationshipAccountSummariesResponse models from the PrecisionLender API via the newly added V2 powers without needing a service username or tokens for the API.
  • The sendFieldTags power has been added to the fieldTag power set which allows you to send multiple field tags in a skill.
  • With the new solveForROE power, you can write skills that solve for ROE targets based on fees, maturity, and rate. 
  • A new parameter, autoMapDataTypes, has been added to the getCSVFileOf<> skill storage powers. If enabled, this will compare the data types defined in your skill code to the data file, and map the data accordingly based on the file. 


Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed an issue where some dataSet sizes would error upon upload. DataSets with up to 2 MB of data per row and file size of 100 MB are supported. 
  • Fixed an issue where line breaks for summary tags were not working. 
  • Fixed an error in the Example Email skill code. 
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