When pricing an adjustable rate loan, this skill will display a warning to the Relationship Manager when the initial rate being offered appears to be a teaser rate based on the rate threshold configured in the skill.  If no threshold is configured, the default threshold will be 150 bps. This article will cover configuring and testing the skill, and viewing and enabling it in PrecisionLender.


You must configure this skill in the skills manager prior to using it in PrecisionLender.


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Configuring and Testing the Skill


Before enabling the skill for the targeted audience, you first need to ensure that the skill is working properly by testing it. To do this, navigate to the skill details page to configure and enable the skill for your Testing audience:

  • Select Testing under the Audiences section.
  • In the Version drop down, select a version of the skill that you would like to test.
  • In the Skill Configs section on the skill details page, enter the following information to configure the skill:
    • teaserRateThreshold - Enter the maximum number of basis points below the average adjustable rate that the initial rate can be before it is considered a teaser rate. Enter the basis points as a number only. Ex. 100. 


      If no configuration is entered, the bps threshold will default to 150.

  • Select Save to enable the skill for the Testing audience. Once you've enabled this skill for testing, make sure you've added the users who will be testing the skill to the Testing audience.


Viewing the Skill in PrecisionLender


Once you've configured the threshold for this skill, double check that the fields on the loan product in the opportunity meet the following criteria:

  • The Initial Rate is below the average adjustable rate.

When the fields on the loan meet the appropriate conditions, the Andi® skill will run and the teaser rate warning tag will appear in the Initial Rate field. Click this field to view the warning message. 


Enabling the Skill

After you've viewed and tested the skill, you are ready to enable the skill for the targeted Audience.

  • Navigate back to the skill details page for the skill you were testing.
  • In the Audiences section, select the targeted audience for this skill and choose the version of the skill you're enabling. When the latest skill version is published by the skill owner, this will automatically be available for selection in the list.
  • Re-enter the skill configurations.
  • Select Save to enable the skill for the targeted audience.


After enabling the skill for the targeted audience, we recommend disabling it for the Testing audience.

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