Gallery Skills

Since our last release notes, we've added a few skills to the Andi Gallery. Click here for full descriptions of our available gallery skills. Our recent additions include:



  • We added a button to PrecisionLender's main navigation to allow you to easily navigate to the Andi Skills Manager.
  • We've made the filters sticky in the Gallery and Skills Manager, so when you click on a skill and then go back, you don't need to re-enter your filter selections.


Bug Fixes

  • We've fixed some Andi skill timeouts related to relationship powers
  • When configuring a skill that has number type skill configurations, we will now properly allow values of zero, as well as all decimal values.
  • Read Only skills in the Skills Manager will now show "View" instead of "View and Edit" when you hover over the skill's title.
  • We've updated Andi's putFile powers to take in any type of object and return true/false as intended. Previously, the file wasn't saved when an object was passed into the data parameter.
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