Gallery Skills

  • We've added a skill that will warn users when the initial rate on a loan is below the configured threshold.
  • We've added a skill that will provide a recommendation on how to increase the ROE by a number of basis points or a percentage based on either the rate, fees, or maturity
  • We've added a skill that will prompt users to select a different index if they price an adjustable rate loan that uses Libor as the index
  • We've added a skill that will coach smaller spread increments for loans priced on a quarter or an eighth of a point


  • The Andi Skills Manager now supports the ability to filter skills using Outcome labels, which essentially map each skill to an objective. Outcome labels include:
    • Profitability 
    • Sales Enablement
    • Revenue Growth
    • Client Service
    • Administrative
  • We've added the ability to choose an application lookup as the data source for an option-type skill config
  • Skill writers can now view Debug Log messages in Skill Details (?)
  • We've redesigned the History tab to improve querying and record display
  • You can now add multiple people to a workgroup at once with a bulk user upload
  • We've updated Andi's welcome language to specify that Andi is a virtual assistant

Bug Fixes

  • We've fixed a bug where, when sending back a dialog using v1 powers, Andi responded with an error
  • We've fixed an issue that occurred when you searched, navigated away from the page, and then returned. With this bug, we wouldn't show your last search in the search box, but still filtered the results shown on the page as if you had just done a search
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