• We've added a new section to the Admin screen for Application Owners that allows them to view all skills installed to the application, as well as all skills owned or installed to individual organizations within the application. We've added a Manage Application permission that will be required to view this section.
  • We've added a new power to the API, GetRelationshipForOpportunity, which retrieves opportunity-related full relationship data
  • We've enhanced the CARES Act skill by adding a command to set the Opportunity Stage by Id, Name, or Description
  • If you ask Andi multiple questions in a row, each of her responses will be displayed after the related question
  • We've added a new tab to the Skills Manager to support configuration of secure keys


Bug Fixes

  • We've fixed an issue where selecting the "multiselect" option for option-type skill config keys wouldn't save.
  • We've fixed a bug where Andi solver skills would return spread recommendations that were equal to the currently set spread.
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