In the Andi Builder, there are several actions you can take upon a given skill. This article will cover managing your skills.


Managing Skills

shows manage buttons in Andi build page

While working on a skill, you can choose from one of the following options to manage it:


The Deploy button allows you to push the skill to the the Manager. Once in the Manager, we recommend testing the skill before marking it ready for Production.

  • To deploy a skill, select the Deploy button. If successful, you will see a pop up window where you can then choose to configure the skill, return to the build skills dashboard, or keep working on the current skill.

Open Skill Page 

This takes you to the skill details page where you view the skills history, modify configurations, mark the skill ready for production, and more. Note: This button only works for skills that have been deployed.


The Download button allows you to download the skill code onto your local machine as a zip file.


Discarding a skill will completely delete the skill from the Drafts.

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