PrecisionLender V1 Powers


This article will cover the available V1 Powers in PrecisionLender.


PrecisionLender V1 Powers

Dialogue Powers

  • sendDialogueResponseWithPrompt(dialogueResponse, dialoguePrompt) - Sends a dialogue response along with a prompt for the user to respond to. Responses to the prompt will return back to the same skill that sent the prompt.
  • sendDialogueComplete(dialogueResponse) - Sends a response that indicates that a user's dialogue with a skill is complete.
  • getAllUserChoices - Gets the list of choices a user has entered during the current dialogue with the skill.
  • getLatestUserChoice - Gets the latest user choice(s) taken by a user during the current dialogue with the skill.
  • isPromptResponseEvent - Returns whether the current event is the result of a user's response to a prompt.
  • sendDialogueResponseWithTags - Sends a dialogue response with tags to the application.
  • sendDialogueResponses - Sends multiple dialogue responses back to the application.


Localization Powers

  • getEventLocale() - Get the locale for the current event.
  • getText(key, locale, formatOptions) - Get translated text for a given key.


Tag Powers

  • sendTags(tags) - Sends a collection of field tags and/or summary tags to the application.


Lookup Powers

  • getApplicationLookups<T>() - Get all application lookups or empty array if none are available.
  • getApplicationLookup(lookupName) - Get a specific application lookup by name. Lookup names can be referenced in Andi Skills Builder.
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