You have the ability to create Andi skills directly from the Build page. This article will cover creating a new skill.


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Creating a New Skill

shows creating a new skill

  • From the Build Dashboard, select New Skill. Note: Only users with access to the Builder tab can create new skills.
  • On the next screen, select the appropriate skill tile.
  • Enter a Skill Name. This is the name of the skill that will appear on the skill card once it has been installed to the skills manager.
  •  Enter a Description to describe the template you're working on. This is an optional field.
  • Select Create Skill. This will create a draft of the skill.


Navigating the Skill Template

shows creating a new skill

When viewing the skill template, you will see the skill manifest in the left navigation. This section will allow you to make the skill more dynamic. Select the down arrow next to the field you would like to update:


The description that will appear on the skill card in the Manager. When you enter a description and click out of the text field, your changes will automatically be saved.

Skill Config Groups

Allows you to group skill config keys. To add a new config group, select Add Group. Click here for more information on skill config groups.

Skill Config Keys 

Values provided by the skill installer to be used in the skill run. To enter a new config key, select Add Key. You can edit an existing config key by selecting the pencil icon.

Localization Keys

Values provided by the skill installer to be used in the skill run with configured translations. To enter a new localization key, select Add Key.

Skill Locales

The skill will run for events with the locales listed. To add a new locale, select Add Locale. Note: Locales are case sensitive and will need to be entered using lowercase.

Available In Contexts

The contexts for which the skill will run for. To add a new locale, select Add Context.

Natural language Processing

The results of the Natural Language Understanding model can be enriched with custom patterns and results. This can be used to create custom chat skills. To add a new locale, select Add Pattern.

Data Sets

A skill may define data sets, which contain a collection of fields. Once a Data Set is defined, CSV data containing the defined fields may be uploaded and queried for by that skill. To add a new locale, select Add Data Set.


Skill Templates

Click here to learn more about each of the skill templates.

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