• Andi skills can now create printable documents (with custom templates). Content can be sent to PrecisionLender’s print menu, delivered through email, or tags with additional data
  • Andi skills can now send charts and other rich media with tag and chat responses 
  • Andi skills can now query any CSVs in storage with DataPowers (faster, more efficient approach than parsing whole files).
  • Andi skills can share data with other skills or between skill runs with DataPowers
  • TagPowers tags now support “And-Or” chaining of loadWhen conditions
  • TagPowers now support targeting different containers inside of a context
  • Updated core chat skills for an improved chat experience
  • Updated PL API powers to support calls to relationshipimpact endpoint with new parameters, scenarioId and calculation overrides.
  • Fixed bug where skills with a large amount of code would periodically fail to load
  • Fixed bug where organization icons were not correctly showing for dialog powers
  • Mouse clicks and keyboard actions will now allow user sessions to remain active.

Andi Skills Manager

  • Allow for any .csv files to be marked as “Searchable” to query inside of skills
  • Added the ability to view skill code without downloading or editing on skill pages
  • Fixed bug that caused skill descriptions to sometimes overflow on skill pages
  • Fixed bug where login sessions would expire, regardless of activity
  • Fixed a display bug with skill config default values
  • Fixed a bug where audits from external skill API calls did not appear in the Skills Manager History
  • Added preview dialog for Andi storage files

Andi Skills Builder

  • New feature to build custom power modules to share between skills
  • Added the ability to view code without downloading or editing from builder dashboards
  • New additional data template
  • Added confirmation dialog before a skill deploy if code errors exist
  • New printout template
  • Updated email template
  • Embedded the Andi skill writing documentation into the builder screen, which can be accessed by clicking the bottom right caret icon
  • Improved dashboard column wrapping on smaller screens
  • Code Editor
    • Updated to support TypeScript 3.7.5 syntax
    • No longer supports IE11
    • Performance improvement for Firefox
    • Improved intellisense and support for automatic import suggestions
    • Visualized selections in editor minimap
    • Improved code actions
      • F12 – Navigate to definition
      • CTRL+S – save draft
      • ALT+F12 – Peek definition
    • Added the ability to force a draft save after any network errors
    • Save scroll position when toggling between Run and Should I Run? files
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