• General performance improvements to skills

Andi Skills Manager

  • Fixed scrolling issues with modals
  • Fixed bug where application lookups intermittently failed to load
  • Search text will no longer automatically clear when using the multiselect control for region lookups in Audience management

Andi Skills Builder

  • New Skill Performance Dashboard under Analyze > Skill Performance
    • View error frequency and response timings for your skills
  • Enhanced HttpPowers
    • PATCH, OPTIONS, HEAD methods are now supported
    • Automatic retry can be configured with the retryOptions parameter
  • Skill storage can now be accessed while editing a skill, by clicking the bottom right caret to open the right work pane.
  • Warning prompt when syntax errors are detected on skill deploy
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from adding more than one skill config group with required keys
  • Clone Skill, Edit Skill, and Create New Draft buttons on Skill Details and Builder Dashboard screens are now hyperlinks, so they can be opened in new tabs
  • Code Editor
    • Improved Firefox and Safari compatibility
    • Fixed issues with auto-formatting
    • Fixed issues with TypeScript language server
    • Fixed issues with clipboard and pasting of code
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