• We've fixed a bug where multiple DataPowers.set calls for the same key were failing
  • We've fixed a bug where CSV default options weren't used when using DataPowers.get
  • We've fixed a bug where organization icons would temporarily disappear from the Andi chat window for recently updated skills
  • We've added support for dropdown prompts in Andi threaded conversations


Andi Skills Manager


Andi Skills Builder

  • We've fixed an issue with the skills editor where the deploy button could get stuck
  • We've fixed a bug where skill configurations were not correctly populating the default value under certain circumstances
  • We've fixed a bug where new localization config could not be saved in the Skills Builder
  • We've fixed a bug where the skill code download had a missing file name. As part of this fix, we've improved the skill error message when empty errors are thrown from skills. 
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