General Improvements

  • Portfolio Email Notifications skill now available in the gallery
  • New skill versions available for Rate Floor - Warning, Escalated Approvals - % Under Target, Stale Pricing Date, and Stale Close Date. These new versions contain the data necessary to be included in the Portfolio Email Notifications skill
  • Fixed a bug where custom options were not appearing for skill configuration fields with application lookups
  • Added multiple improvements to our email capabilities:
    • Multiple recipients can now be included within a single email
    • The To, CC, and BCC recipient lines can all be utilized
    • Added the ability to configure the Reply To email address instead of the generic Andi email address
    • Emails can now aggregate opportunity information based on last save for a configured frequency
    • Emails can now consolidate multiple skill emails within a single email with aggregated opportunity information
    • PDFs and other reports (png, gif, jpg) can be attached to a given email
    • Email formatting can be fully customized; templates for Email Power also included
    • Added the ability to track and log email activity, open rate, and click rate


Andi Skills Manager

  • New Dashboard available for Skill Email Usage
  • New Email Log page within the skill page
  • New Email Whitelist to manage email domains used in skills within the Admin tab




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