General Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where Andi's conversation prompts would error in PrecisionLender if they came back with an attached tag. As part of the fix, single-choice prompts can now have tags.
  • Improved performance for Lookup Powers in cases where Lookups were large


Andi Skills Builder

  • Skill Email logs are now available to all clients with the Andi Skills Builder 


Andi Skills Manager

  • Updated the label for the "Usernames in Audience" field in the Audiences section from "Usernames" to "Email Addresses" for greater clarity
  • Fixed an issue where when a new version of a skill was pushed to a client with auto-enable for a particular audience, the ASM would keep trying to run the previously enabled version
  • Skill Email logs are now in the Audiences setup, selected Audiences will now be cleared when a new Audience Type is selected
  • Updated "Configurable Summary Message by Product" skill to work for non-loan products
  • Fixed an issue with skill model caching behavior that could cause disabled skills to continue running, causing slowness
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