General Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where a large dot would flash on the opportunity screen in the Andi window while additional content was being loaded
  • Loan scorecards can now be set with Andi tags 
  • Added the ability for Andi to create a field tag on the Stage field 
  • Forms within threaded conversation 


Andi Skills Builder

  • We've made it easy to utilize Data Library reports when developing skills. A list of all reports available for your organization can be found by expanding the "Data Library" section within the Skills Builder.
  • Added a Contains comparator for string context queries
  • Added support for re-ordering skill config and localization keys in the Skills Builder


Andi Skills Manager

  • We've updated a number of our gallery skills. To receive these enhancements, you'll need to update to the latest version of the skills.
  • Andi also now has the ability to utilize the reports in the Data Library within skills. We've built a ’Portfolio Insights – Upcoming Renewals skill based on this that notifies users in the Andi summary window when existing LOC and Letter of Credit product types are approaching their maturity dates. 
  • Client names now display in the Andi Skills Manager header


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