General Improvements

  • We've enhanced the use of forms in Andi conversations and added new functionality for forms within PrecisionLender fields to easily capture and display user-entered inputs. Andi now has the ability to present an entire form at once instead of one question at a time, allowing a more streamlined approach to entering and editing information. 
    • Form_Compare.PNG
  • Added support for Andi to display a popover form when the user clicks on a field tag. Forms can now also include date inputs, checkbox inputs, and text masks.
  • We've added feature functionality to support French Canadian translations for a subset of Andi skills. Skills that support French Canadian translations will see that option in their skill config. 
  • Fixed an issue where custom sections didn't work for field and summary tags
  • Data Library reports in Andi skills will now automatically receive minor version updates
  • Fixed a bug where dynamic dialogs were not correctly hidden when the Andi window was opened, which would have impacted skills that targeted the search fields of these dynamic dialogs
  • Fixed a bug with field popover displays where in Firefox, when dismissing a tag, it collapsed in on itself immediately before the text was hidden
  • Fixed a bug with field popover displays where after submitting a form, the field tags on that popover were no longer visible


Andi Skills Builder

  • Fixed a bug where multiline power imports wouldn't work in the Andi Skills Builder
  • Fixed field tag display logic for popover controls, so that component creators will now be able to override the default layout behavior of child tag elements within a container
  • Fixed a bug where skills that sent out emails weren't working correctly for all orgs, causing some emails that would have been expected to send not to be sent


Andi Skills Manager

  • We've added a new Closed Lost Analytics skill to the Gallery, which prompts users to enter information about why an opportunity was lost when updating the deal stage to Closed Lost. This data can be aggregated and stored in the Andi Skills Manager to be downloaded for use in analytics, or stored via email on a configured cadence.
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