General Improvements

  • Fixed a bug where deposit calculation recommendations sometimes did not display for CDs being priced


Andi Skills Manager

  • We've updated the Closed Lost Analytics skill with a configuration option to display a summary tag when a Closed opportunity is loaded
  • We've fixed a bug for skill configurations so if an existing configuration for a number input has a value and an admin cleared that value, we will no longer display "NaN" in that field
  • When newer versions of a skill are published with config groups, admins can now install the latest version of that skill without having to uninstall and reinstall it
  • We've updated our telemetry exports with the following:
    • Skill id and Skill Name now consistently appear on all Andi Skills Manager Exports
    • Added a new field for location to give details on where an engagement is viewed
    • Added a new field for opportunity id to support further reporting and correlative analysis
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